Sunday, 4 January 2015

Art & Design Exhibition

Over the Summer I did a few photo shoots of different Art exhibitions hosted by Woodlane University Campus and put on by the events leader. This exhibition was by 3rd year Art & Design which including courses like Fine Art, Drawing and Illustration. There were a number of colourful and interesting pieces and an Afro-Brazilian drum and dance band Dakadoum which fitted well to the occasion. I was there to capture the visitors reactions and interactions with the artwork and event.

Dakadoum , Afro-Brazilian drum and dance band provide the entertainment for the evening
Visitors capture the band on their tablet and phones

One of the dancers with Dakadoum 

205dpi 16 Issues!

205dpi is an online photographic magazine which has been running for over a year now. The founder and creator is Lois Golding and with help from myself, Tom Sandberg and a few others from our course we have put together interesting stories, interviews and amazing photographs. We have currently 16 issues and have a wide range of stories from across the globe as we have progressed from using just University students work and asked a variety of photographers to input as well. The stories has consisted from tales about different cultures, sailing, wacky interiors, rebel goats and drag queens. We have hosted interviews with incredible practitioners such as Jim Mortram, Adrian Dennis and Gered Mankowitz among many more.

So come read & enjoy 16 issues whilst on your break or on the train, I promise they won't disappoint!

Re-Wild Eco Festival

Jaxon the surfboarders dog 
During last year I became a part of the Homegrown Society at my University, Falmouth. During this time I helped grow and expand the allotments into a natural haven for the students and staff involved. I have taken part in many of the activities there and documented all of them which will hopefully raise awareness for healthy sustainable living. There is also another project within this called The Green Living Project which is tied together to try and make the Uni more sustainable with compost bins in the halls, rooftop gardens, energy saving ideas and more..
To introduce current and future students and the locals of Falmouth to the project and society we held a 'Re-Wild' Eco Festival. There were many activities including a free organic veg stall, foraging, knitting, cider making , surfboard shaping, willow weaving and cob building
 (the cob has been in the process of being built all summer by some of the staff and students and it now finished and looking incredible)

All organic vegetables collected from local farmers and given away for free to students 

The cosy cafe in which you can also learn how to knit colourful scarves

Steve is the head of all the activities and society within the FXU (University union) 

Dave from Cotna Farm helps students make apple juice and cider 

A Nature Workshops guide shows students how to forage for plants used in medicine and food

Students learn how to willow weave and make dream catchers 

Jaxon a professional surfboard maker comes to visit and show the students how to shape a surfboard

Laura Richardson a student on Marine And Natural History Photography is showing visitors
how to make a 'Bug Hotel' out of palettes, straw and rubbish 

Angie is a cook who uses mostly foraged and healthy ingredients, she made chamomile tea and goats cheese and  beetroot tarts for the occasion among other treats

Bob a MA Journalism student and also works for the Green Living Project
was hosting an activism workshop where student had to create a protest

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pet Portraits, K9 Crusaders

I have done a few photoshoots over summer but haven't uploaded them. I've done a range of shoots from pet portraits to art exhibitions.

I work for a one of the biggest pet shops in the UK and we have a charity called Support Adoption who raise money for local animal charities in the area that otherwise wouldn't get much money for food, kennels, beds and toys. We often support a local dog kennels called K9 Crusaders based in Cornwall. During the Summer my colleagues and I set up various fundraisers including cake sales, bean baths and crate sit ins. I decided this year to do something else and offer to photograph customers dogs and in trade for a print they would give £5-10 towards the charity.
It was a huge challenge as I dealt not only with wriggly puppies but children as well who were sometimes cooperative, it was a lovely experience though. I only had a simple background and softbox flash gun set up as I couldn't take too much equipment with me due to working as well. In the end the photographs turned out well and the families were very pleased with the prints I gave them the following weekend. I raised £70 which I thought was good but next time I will probably charge more just as it's for a good cause!